Our sensor technology opens up a host of opportunities to enhance the efficiency of your dishwashing process. The application offers solutions for active program control and enhancement of program diversity. An indispensable feature is sensor-controlled dishwashing to meet energy standards, to save natural resources with lasting effect and to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.


Turbidity is one of the most crucial criteria within an efficient dishwashing cycle.
The precise evaluation of the turbidity development via our optical sensors helps optimize the energy and water consumption of the subsequent process steps right from the outset.

Combination sensor

Combining turbidity and temperature measurement in one component facilitates assembly and helps process various sensor signals in an efficient fashion. Integration of the two sensors reduces the number of sealing areas in the machine, which is an additional quality advantage.
The design of our sensors has been developed in accordance with the guidelines for protection class II and matched especially to ensure that all product lines of a platform can be equipped with the appropriate components without extra expense in order to meet the individual requirements.


Our temperature sensor completes our range of sensors and provides additional variation opportunities for design of the various product lines.
The NTC-based sensor designed for installation permits fast and high-precision recording of the dishwashing liquid temperature. In analogy to our combination sensor, the temperature sensor’s housing has been developed according to the guidelines for protection class II.