Door locks

The closing system already enhances the superior appearance of the washing machine at the point of sale.  Our innovative solutions contribute actively towards triggering the decision to buy. In addition to legal directives to be met by this safety component, our designs take the customer-specific boundary conditions into account. The successful combination between individuality and standardization takes especially the commercial aspects into consideration.

Interlocks for tight closure

This closure series has been developed with a focus on the requirements of large front-loader washing machines for high loads, with large doors. Our designs are geared to absorb the high forces and to support the door’s sealing system by the tight-closure feature.

Product view

Interlocks for movable door handle

These highly functional solutions are optimized for application in confined installation areas. Our patented solution was designed in view of maximum economic efficiency as regards both the component and interaction with the machine.

Product view

Interlocks for doors without handle

This closing mechanism concept does not require a handle or lever on the door. Thus, the front design of the washing machine can be designed freely, to provide for differentiation.  The door is opened by an electrical pulse which is issued via a push-button in the operating panel.

Product view