Electrical actuators

Refrigerators are increasingly becoming design objects which take central stage at the place between the living area and the kitchen. At the same time, energy efficiency is the crucial factor which plays a decisive role in the acquisition of such equipment. This requires more and more electrical drive units to meet the customers’ requirements regarding convenience and the ecological footprint.
Within this area of competing focuses, both sound design and high functional reliability at low ambient temperatures are especially important over the equipment’s entire service life.
Here, we offer solutions tailored to suit our customers’ requirements and warrant 100% functional reliability thanks to our innovative designs.  With this in mind, we use different drive technologies which we coordinate and optimize specifically with our partners depending on the requirement profile concerned. Combining electrical actuators with sensor and lighting technologies, we can use innovations in order to create additional customer benefit.

Motorized damper

This component, located between refrigerating and deep-freezing zones, controls the temperatures required in the various cooling areas with extreme accuracy. Our patented drive system helps us master the adverse conditions incl. ice formation, thus ensuring a very long service life.

Ice and water discharge

Our application-specific designs are specifically intended to meet customers' demands and requirement profiles.
By integrating LED elements, we enhance the functionality of the technical solution and provide a trendy design. Our products have been developed with a focus on a long service life and leakage-proofness.
Leakage-proofness is especially important, as these components considerably influence the energy balance of the device in question.
Integration of sensors opens up a wide area of innovative applications.