emz’s policy on quality, environmental and occupational safety

The 10 points of emz company policy

We the emz are a successfully family led company. We strive engaged for Excellency in our relations and processes, and we are proud of our company and our international presence.

1. We think and act in corporate processes with clear targets which derive from mission, vision and strategy.

2. The effectiveness of our management systems and emz processes is checked by regular reviews and derive meaningful improvements.

3. Our actions are directed to our KOMM star. Orientation guidelines are the five star tops:
1. Smiling company
2. Long term durability/ lastingness
3. Zero failures
4. Zero waste
5. One by One/ Flow principle

4. Our objective is to create customer´s benefit. All employees care by their qualification and their commitment self-dependently for a perfect result of work and inspire our customers. We correspond to the demands of the customers as well as the legal obligations and maintain a fairly and cooperative partnership.

5. Quality and innovation are the essential distinguishing features in the contest for our company. We refer these features to our products, processes and cooperation which we continuously develop.

6. We admit the highest priority for occupational safety, health and environmental protection and oblige to avoid what does any harm to the employees, the company or the environment.

7. Problems, deviations and failures are chances for innovation and continuous improvement for us. With every noticed deviation we care for a lasting recovery (PDCA-circuit) to avoid waste company wide. We reach this through our “method case”, which is summarized by emz under the process KOMM.

8. With the development of new products and production processes the environmental compatibility is assessed. Out of regular reviews of the environmental aspects are targets derived for the continuous improvement of the resources application and the environmental compatibility.

9. The employees are supported in all questions to quality, environmental and occupational safety by their managers and the management.

10. We maintain a fairly contact and an open information policy with our partners and the public and we are engaged at all of our sites for the society.